Membership updates

Message from the President, Kristen Renwick Monroe

We are offering free membership for 5 years to every female political scientist, faculty or grad student. To take advantage of this free membership, all you have to do is email Michelle Wade Michelle will enroll you until 2019. We especially encourage new scholars to join. The WCPS is a place where you can meet some great scholars, find new friends and colleagues to help you, and learn about how the profession works.

I remember my first meeting. My father had just been killed in a car accident and it was not the best time in my life, to say the least. I had completed a draft of my dissertation a week before Daddy was killed and one of my thesis advisors had sent me 14 pages of single-spaced comments on the thesis, and invited me to join him for dinner at the APSA that year, to discuss the thesis. (He was a lovely man but intimidating. The idea of having to have dinner with him totally freaked me out!) The meeting was in New Orleans, which was hot and humid and the air conditioning in my hotel bedroom did not work so I looked almost as bad as I felt. I remember going into the ladies bathroom and sitting in one of the over-sized chairs and realizing I was totally alone. No one came or went. There simply weren’t enough women at the APSA then. I had the crazy thought that I could stay there the entire meeting and no one would find me. I didn’t do it, of course, but the thought did cross my mind. I hope none of you have ever experienced that feeling of being overwhelmed, unsure of yourself and just confused but if you do, the WCPS is a great place to meet other women who can help you with that. I’ve been lucky enough to have received generous help from some marvelous women – and men – and most of us who have been there feel it’s a great honor to get to pay some of these people back by helping mentor young women.

So do join. You’re doing us a favor!

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