Message from the President

Message from the WCPS President, January 2015

Dear WCPS members,

As promised, I will add to our social media sites a few articles that might be of interest to you. If any of you wish to send me material you think others would enjoy, please do so and I will upload that material. Here are a couple of links you might enjoy or find of interest.

The first is a serious professional analysis:

My thanks to Etel Solingen for sending it to me.

The second you can find in our post below– Bic Pens for Women. It makes a good point and will make you laugh.

Please remember to invite all of your female grad students and colleagues to join the WCPS. We are busy trying to network and reach out to other good women to add to our group but need your help. All the data show that we have made good progress but that women still remain under represented and underpaid so we do need to work together to move the cause forward.

In haste but with great affection, Kristen

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