Women in academia

Call for Syllabi

Hi everyone – The new APSA Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession “microsite” on the APSA website is about to go public! Before it does, sometime in the next two weeks, we would love everyone who has a syllabus that would be useful to share in the CSWP Syllabi collection (which will go on the CSWP microsite) to send us their syllabi. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your thinking with others! It’s so hard to figure out a good syllabus, and sharing yours can really help others. If you have a syllabus that includes women, women’s issues, intersectionality, sexuality, or related issues, please send your syllabus to the APSA using the email address:


Please also: 1) DATE your syllabus. 2) Tell us what category (below) it should be placed in, or suggest another category. If you would like to add a covering note, please put that in too.

The idea is that the CSWP syllabi will link to the APSA Syllabi Project: http://www.apsanet.org/RESOURCES/For-Faculty/Syllabi-in-Political-Science/Online-Syllabi-Collections.

The categories we have now are:

I. Women & Politics

i. Women and Politics
ii. W&P with particular emphasis on racial/ethnic intersectionality
ii. W&P with particular emphasis on other issues (e.g., LGBT politics): please specify

II. Gender, Sexuality, & Politics

i. Gender, Sexuality, & Politics
ii. G,S &P with particular emphasis on racial/ethnic intersectionality
iii. G, S & P with particular emphasis on other issues: please specify

III. Other fields – with women and women’s issues, intersectionality, sexuality, and other marginalized perspectives included.

i. Intro American politics
ii. Intro Comparative
iii. Intro IR
iv. Intro Political Theory
v. Intro Urban
vi. Intro Race and Ethnicity
viii. Intro Law and Politics
ix. Other (please volunteer categories)

Please suggest other categories (or better/different wording for these categories) if these do not cover the syllabi you would like to share.

Thank you so much!

All the best – Jenny Mansbridge and Fran Rosenbluth for the CSWP Syllabi Project

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