Message from the President

Women Political Scientists as Candidates

Help the WCPS recognize women political scientists who have run for office. If you have corrections or additions to make to the list below, please contact Denise Walsh (

Regina Bateson, currently running for Congress, in California’s 4th District

Franke Wilmer,  Montana State, served in the Montana House from 2007-2013

Jennifer Lawless, ran for Democratic Party nomination for congressional district in Rhode Island, 2006

Cindy Simon Rosenthal, elected major of Norman, OK, 2007; served on the city council

Doris Marie Provine, elected Town Justice, Marathon, New York, 1978

Kristi Andersen, elected member of Town Council, Cazenovia, New York, 2005. See: “What I Learned (and Re-Learned) When I Ran for Local Office,” PS: Political Science and Politics,July 2007, pp. 507-510.

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