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Call for Papers — Okin-Young Award

The Okin-Young Award is co-sponsored by Women and Politics, Foundations of Political Theory, and the Women’s Caucus for Political Science. This award commemorates the scholarly, mentoring, and professional contributions of Susan Moller Okin and Iris Marion Young to the development of the field of feminist political theory. This annual award recognizes the best paper on feminist… Continue reading Call for Papers — Okin-Young Award

Women in academia

Students Give Women Professors Worse Evaluations

  At the end of every semester, students often fill out evaluations rating their teachers. It’s a report card of sorts, a way for instructors to know if they can improve the way they taught a subject matter or were particularly helpful in explaining a tough concept. But it’s likely not the fairest way to… Continue reading Students Give Women Professors Worse Evaluations

Hiring practices

Gender disparity in hiring at Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter (yes, what a shocker)

A piece from the New Yorker written back around Thanksgiving highlights the gender disparity in hiring among large tech/computer companies…. This quote sums up the issue nicely: “Now that tech companies have evolved into consumer-electronics and social-media giants, their customers come from every demographic group imaginable. It’s time their workers did, too.” Article here:

Gender gap

Controversial NYT article — “Academic Science Isn’t Sexist”

If you haven’t already seen it… This certainly offers a different perspective on the question of female success/the glass ceiling in academia. There is some good news here but the question of “professional climate” which they describe as “largely anecdotal” may be less amenable to their methodology–job satisfaction–than they suggest. The authors do analyze reporting of… Continue reading Controversial NYT article — “Academic Science Isn’t Sexist”