The WCPS is a place where you can meet great scholars, find new friends and colleagues to help you, and learn about how the profession works. Many of the top scholars in the profession have benefitted from the WCPS and the networks, camaraderie and support it provides women. The hard data all suggest the on-going need for such support, with women under-represented in the professoriate (27% of the full professors nationally) and under-paid (85% of salaries to comparable male colleagues).

To join WCPS you can complete and submit the WCPS Membership Form FY2020 to our email- We especially encourage new scholars to join.  Please consider making a donation or paying your dues to the WCPS by mailing a check and the membership form to:

Michelle Wade
Department of Public Policy and Administration
Business and Public Management Center, #550

West Chester University Graduate Center
50 Sharpless Street
West Chester, PA 19383