The name of this organization shall be: Women’s Caucus for Political Science.


Section 1:

The purposes of this not-for-profit organization are:

  1. To upgrade the status of women in the profession of political science;
  2. To promote equal opportunities for women political scientists for graduate school admission, financial assistance in such schools, and in employment, promotion, and tenure;
  3. To support and promote the interests of women serving in contingent academic positions;
  4. To promote the development of non-academic, professional careers for women political scientists;
  5. To promote the recruitment of members and to encourage the development of regional caucuses;
  6. To encourage application of the skills of political science to the promotion of equal opportunities and empowerment for all women.
  7. To obtain these goals and purposes by cooperating with the American Political Science Association and other professional political science organizations.


Section 1: Membership.

There shall be two categories for Membership:

  1. Individual – Those choosing membership in this category will receive all publications of the WCPS and will have the rights to vote and to hold office within the WCPS.
  2. Institutional – Limited to academic departments, organizations, and libraries.

Institutional members will receive all publications of the WCPS but will have no rights to vote or to hold office with the WCPS.

Section 2: Dues

  1. The dues schedule shall be set by the Executive Council and shall be based on salary for individuals. A separate dues rate shall be charged institutional members.
  2. Dues shall be payable no later than January 1 of each year, for the organization year ending the following September.

Section 3: Membership and Sexual Harassment

  1. WCPS does not approve of the exploitation of professional relationships with colleagues, supervisors, students, employees, or research participants, sexually or otherwise. WCPS members do not condone or engage in sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as deliberate or repeated comments, gestures or physical contacts of a sexual nature that are unwanted by the recipient.
  2. When a WCPS member is dismissed, not reappointed, or suspended from employment by a university, college or other employing institution for the stated reason of coercive sexual harassment, moral turpitude or gross misconduct involving coercive sexual harassment, the WCPS will, on the recommendation of the Sexual Harassment Committee, suspend the member for a period of five years and inform its membership through the Newsletter.
  3. WCPS is committed to working with APSA, its organized sections and related groups, and other professional political science associations to develop and disseminate effective practices for addressing sexual harassment in political science.


Section 1:

The Officers of this organization shall be as follows: President, President-Elect, Secretary-Membership Director, and Treasurer.

Section 2:

The term of office for President, and President-Elect and shall be for one year; the term of office of Treasurer and Secretary-Membership Director shall be for two years; and whenever possible, no person shall serve in the same elective position for more than one term. Re-election for one term, however, is permissible.
The term of office of the Editor of the Quarterly Newsletter shall be for one year; however, the Editor may serve for up to three consecutive years.

Section 3:

The duties of the aforementioned officers shall be:

  1. President – To serve as spokesperson for the organization on matters of policy; to recommend to the Women’s Caucus standing and ad-hoc committees, to fill committee vacancies after consultation with the committee chairperson and other officers; to serve as an ex officio member of all committees, other than Nomination; to appoint, the Editor of the Quarterly Newsletter; and to convene any ad hoc committees that in the judgment of the officers will advance the interests of the WCPS.
  2. President-Elect – To serve as spokesperson for the organization upon request of the President; to assist the President in all other functions when requested to do so by the President; and to act as Program Chair for the WCPS panels at the APSA Annual Meeting. Will become President if a vacancy occurs prior to a regularly scheduled election.
  3. Secretary-Membership Director – To maintain accurate records of all meetings and correspondence of the organization; to compile and revise as necessary a membership list; to compile and publish the membership directory as necessary from time to time; to retain a permanent file of the records and publications of the WCPS; to serve as Chair of the Membership Committee.
  4. Treasurer – To collect dues, pay bills and handle all financial affairs of the organization under the direction of the President.

Section 4:

Vacancies in all elected offices, except the office of the Presidency, shall be filled by the Executive Council. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Presidency, the President-Elect shall become President.

Section 5: Executive Council.

  1. The Executive Council shall consist of all current officers of the organization, the immediate past president of WCPS and no more than two regional presidents to assure geographical balance. The Editor of the WCPS Newsletter shall be an ex-officio member of the Executive Council.
  2. The Executive Council may be called into session by the President or contracted by the President to act on important business arising between the annual meetings.
  3. A Quorum for Executive Council meetings shall be three. However, consultation with as many elected officers as possible is encouraged. When mail contact is made, action can be taken when a majority of those responding indicates approval within an established time limit.
  4. Important action taken by the Executive Council shall be communicated to the membership by the next regular mailing of the WCPS Newsletter.
  5. The Executive Council will fill all vacancies in elected offices except that of President if they occur between regularly scheduled elections.


Section 1:

The Standing Committees will be responsible for the normal work of the WCPS. They shall include: Nomination Committee, the Sexual Harassment Committee, and other Standing Committees that the WCPS sees fit to create by vote at its annual meeting.

Section 2:

Selection of committee members is described in Article IV Section 3 above.

  1. Committee members will be appointed for two-year terms with one-half of the membership of each committee rotated on an annual basis.
  2. All appointments made at the September 1991 meeting shall be for a period of one year if that action is necessary to allow the 1992-1993 President the opportunity to make one half of the appointments to all Standing Committees. This provision shall be rescinded automatically once the Committee membership is returned to the rotation system envisioned in Section 2a.
  3. Appointments to committees will be made with attention to reflect the diversity of the membership of the WCPS.

Section 3:

Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the President, and wherever possible, in consultation with the elected officials. The continued existence of ad hoc committees will require approval from the membership at the Annual meeting.


Section 1:

The annual meeting shall coincide with the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, and this meeting shall conduct the ordinary business of the organization.

Section 2:

The meeting of the Executive Council shall precede the annual meeting. The President may call a special meeting of the Executive Council to conduct urgent business, and a special meeting shall be called by the President upon petition from five members of the Executive Council.

Section 3:

The time, place, and agenda of all meetings shall be communicated to the members by appropriate means.

Section 4:

There shall be a spring meeting or conference of the Executive Council if feasible.


Section 1:

The Nominating Committee shall perform the following functions:

  1. Nominate candidate(s) for all WCPS offices;
  2. Regard themselves as ineligible for nomination to APSA elected positions.
  3. Recommend nominees for APSA Presidential appointments;
  4. Recommend nominees for APSA Council and officer positions

Section 2:

The candidates for WCPS office shall be presented at the annual meeting of the organization after previous publication of their names and credentials has been made in the Quarterly Newsletter that precedes the meeting.

Section 3:

Nominations may be made from the floor, providing that the proposed nominee shall have previously given her permission. Self-nominations are encouraged. Prior notice of these shall be given whenever possible.

Section 4:

Elections for officers shall be held at the annual meeting of the organization, and the officers elected shall take office at the close of the meeting.


Amendments to the Constitution may be made by a two-thirds vote of the paid members voting at the annual meeting, provided that the proposed amendment has been presented to the President in time for her to include the amendment in the Quarterly Newsletter published just prior to the meeting. Provision to return their vote/ballots shall be made in this Quarterly Newsletter for those members unable to attend the annual meeting.


In all matters not covered by this Constitution, parliamentary authority shall be Robert’s Rules of Order. Revised.


In the case that the Women’s Caucus for Political Science dissolves for any reason, all assets shall be donated to its successor organization if there shall be any and if it shall qualify as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, or to the American Political Science Association so long as it shall qualify as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, to be used to upgrade the status of women in the profession of political science

Constitution adopted at Regular Business Meeting, San Francisco, CA., August, 1990

(Revised September, 2020)

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